Healing for the body, mind and soul.

I help You clear obstacles to living a life of purpose and joy

As a medium AND Celestial Shaman, not only can I connect with your spiritual team to get answers, I can help you clear any current and past life issues that are not contributing to your highest and best self.  Watch the video to hear what makes me different from other teachers and healers, how I can help you step into your power and:

  • Identify and eliminate the causes of destructive patterns in your life.
  • Find what your soul came to accomplish.
  • Awaken and activate your spiritual gifts.
  • Live a joyful life of meaning.


I’m here to guide you on this epic journey.




Mentor with me one-on-one for individualized and targeted growth.

Group classes

In-person and online training to explore and develop your spiritual gifts.

Soul Readings & Healings

Meet your guides, discover your purpose, clear the path.

Spiritual Business coaching

Training on using your spiritual gifts to pay the bills.


My Mission

I am on a mission to awaken, activate and educate tomorrow's lightworkers. It doesn't take more than turning on the news to see our world is headed toward destruction. Our earth is being ravaged for financial gain. The next generation is being drawn more to technology...

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