How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

I have read many theories on how mediums get their abilities. Some say it’s hereditary – if you’re not born with it, you can’t develop it. You either have it or you don’t. My personal philosophy is that we are all capable of connecting with our spirit team. I mean, WHY would we even have a team to work with if we couldn’t communicate with them, right?! That’s like going to work and being told you have co-workers to accomplish a goal with but you can’t see, hear or speak to them!

It simply makes no common sense to me so I encourage you to accept right here, right now, that you have the ability to communicate clearly with your guides. I know my theory is correct because my guides told me AND they specifically asked me to tell YOU that you have a spiritual army just waiting for you to command them.

How do you connect with your spiritual army?

This process will be different for each person but it boils down to three things: Repetition, Triggers and Intention.

Here is my personal process. It is the same every time. I am also relaying the message my guides gave me to pass along to you.

Repetition, Intention & Triggers

I have a routine I use to connect to the higher realms. First, I intentionally journey at the same time every day. Next, I use the same smell (sage or palo santo). Finally, I use the same piece of music. These triggers tell my mind that meditation or a journey is about to happen. My mind will automatically get into the theta state when I activate these triggers.

I use repetition in my mind’s journey as well. I go to the same place in my mind. This sets the intention and tells my brain that I am fully expecting to raise my vibration and consciousness to access the higher realms. I prepare my mind by imagining I’m walking down an oak-lined driveway to a big, white southern plantation home. ¬†I have the intention of relaxing my mind as I walk toward my destination.

When I reach the porch of the house, I walk inside intending for this door to take me to the place where my portal resides. The interior of the house is as you would expect – large staircase at the entryway and open area to the right. I go to the right, toward the back wall where I see an elevator. I set my intention for this elevator. As it rises, so will my consciousness. My elevator has 15 buttons. I know the floor number actually correlates with the level/realm I’m going to. Today my guides tell me I am to choose level 12.

The Message

When the doors open, I never know what will be on the other side. This time, it is a vast desert. My guides take me to a tent where I meet Jesus, Confucius and Muhammad. Muhammad invites me to take a journey. I am on a camel and he is leading it across this barren, enormous desert. He is explaining to me that most people go through life thinking they are all alone. He says, “This is not true. You just have to be willing to see.”

As he says this, sand-colored shadows start to appear all around me. Thousands of them – stretching as far as the eye can see. He continues, “You see? Everyone has a spiritual army waiting to be called upon. You must lead them as I am leading you on this camel.”

He tells me this life is about bringing others the message that they have access to this spiritual army that is waiting to help them find their purpose, their soul’s journey – whatever they’re here for. I am to teach them, communicate for them and show them how they can communicate for themselves. People are wandering in a spiritual desert looking for a drink. I can lead them. They are not wandering alone — they have an army of heavenly hosts and guides waiting to help but they can’t unless the individual asks.”

What he is referring to is the law of Free Will. Our creator gave us free will and as such, there are dire consequences for outside forces to override that. So, our spirit team will not act unless we give them permission.

And now I bring this message to you: If you are struggling or seeking guidance, call upon your spirit guides, teachers and angels. Ask them for guidance. Tell them you are open and willing to receive this guidance. How will you know they have answered? Most of the time, it comes in the form of “coincidences”, which are really synchronicity. It’s no coincidence that you were thinking about moving to Melbourne Fl and then see a billboard in North Carolina that advertises visiting Melbourne! That is an acknowledgment that your guides hear you and you are on the right path.

Other ways your angels and guides talk to you is through gifts. You might find feathers or coins or other weird things popping up in odd places. Mine sends me butterflies. I have a friend who gets dimes. Some people get pennies.

If you ask, they will put just the right teachers and things you need in your path at just the right time. You tell them what you desire and they will show you how to get it.

Another way they communicate is by putting thoughts in your head. You might have an Eureka! moment and wonder where that came from – your spiritual army! It’s not hard to get messages. You just have to listen. My mentor told me “Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening.” A daily meditation practice where you just sit in silence prepares a time to hear your guides without the daily chaos of work, family, school etc. Even just five minutes helps. Make it a priority as you do getting dressed in the morning. Yes. It’s that important.

Of course, if you’re in a rush and want an answer to a specific question, you can always book a channeling session with me. I am happy to connect you with your guides and give you messages that allow you to move forward so you can fulfill your Divine purpose.

What is the Difference Between Psychics & Mediums?

Until I hired a mediumship mentor, I was confused about the differences between psychics, mediums, channelers and trance mediums. Are you born with the abilities or can anyone learn them? What makes one different from the other?  How do you know which one you are? This article will shed some light on those questions and explain the different skill sets involved.


Some people say they are psychics, some say they are intuitives. I use the words interchangeably. I like to think of psychic/mediumship abilities as degrees from a college. You start with some talent (like pro athletes, some people are just born superstars) and then you hone that talent. Or you start with no talent and you learn a particular skill. My personal philosophy is that everyone has the ability to tune into their own intuition. Yes, some of us are better suited to do it than others but I believe we all have the ability if we simply use it. Using the college degree analogy, psychics are like the Associates Degree in the psychic world. This is where you start the groundwork.

Psychics have premonitions and can see the past, present and future. They have strong intuition (inner “knowing” – they just “know” things but don’t know HOW they know it). They use tools like tarot cards, crystal balls, runes and other tools to help them with a reading. Psychics may or may not be mediums. Some signs that you are psychic include: Knowing who’s calling before you answer the phone, “gut feelings” that turn out to be true, “knowing” something that turns out to be true without knowing WHY you know it, prophetic dreams that come true, etc.

Again, I personally believe anyone can learn to be psychic. Your intuition comes from your higher self, which we all have. It’s a matter of learning how to tap into it and practicing that on a regular basis. So, in my opinion, we’re all psychic.


Mediums are like the Bachelor’s Degree in psychic abilities. We utilize an extra skill set that psychics do not have: spirit communication.

Follow me here: All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Remember, like college, we’re building on what we’ve learned. So, mediums are psychics that take it to the next level by communicating with those in the spirit world. They may hear, see, smell, taste or sense them in some other way. They can develop the skill to receive clear messages from loved ones. They can communicate with spirit guides and angels, which are on a higher vibrational realm than loved ones who have crossed over.

And really, that’s all we’re talking about here – evolving our ability to talk to higher and higher vibrational realms. Tuning into to different radio stations, if you will.

Opinions vary on whether mediums are born or if anyone can develop the skill to communicate with spirits. My personal opinion is that your loved ones in spirit are already communicating with you (whether you’re a medium or not). They do it through synchronicity (which you may call coincidence), signs, dream visits and other ways. I can take people on journeys to meet their spirit guides and angels, which are in the spirit world. People hear and see them clearly during these journeys, so does that make them a medium? If they can do it through a guided meditation, why can’t they do it on their own? I think, with practice, they can.

How do you know if you’re a medium?

The first giveaway is that you have always been open to the paranormal. Like, I did my high school theme paper on the Salem Witch Trials and my science experiment was testing to see if fresh fruit would last longer if it was put in a pyramid vs an airtight container. Yea, weird stuff like that.

When I was a child, I would see spirits with my eyes. Later, then I would hear them talk to me. This will especially drive you nuts because you start questioning if you’re schizophrenic. I was actually diagnosed bipolar in my early 20’s and that wrecked my life for the next 15 years. I highly suggest if you are hearing voices, to find a psychologist who is open to the possibility of mediumship.

So how do you know you’re NOT crazy? If those voices are telling you things that other people can validate. If you are told things that you do not know and have no way of knowing, yet another person can validate it as true, that’s not crazy. That’s mediumship. A loved one in spirit or guide has given you a message.

Other ways I knew I was a medium: I pick up on other people’s emotions, like an empath does. I feel energy changes. I also cause energy changes like blowing up tvs when I’m angry. OH a big give away – I was scared of the dark. I literally slept with a nightlight until I was in my late 30’s! I felt like I was being watched or someone or thing was near me that I couldn’t see.

You may also self-medicate with alcohol to numb these feelings or stop hearing the voices. If you think you might be a medium and would like to develop that gift or if you just want to live peacefully with it, contact me about mentorship opportunities. I work with groups and one on one.

Spirit Channels

I’d consider Spirit Channels as the Masters degree. They take mediumship up a notch by directly channeling information from the highest realms. All channelers are mediums and psychics. Not all mediums are channelers.

What is the difference between mediums just relaying information and channelers “channeling” information? I’d compare it to the difference between driving a car and riding in a self-driving Uber. The medium is actively in control of the car. The channeler is present IN the car but something else is operating it. The channeler is receiving a steady flow of information and relaying it verbally or through automatic writing. We are a hollow bone, if you will. It just flows through and out us. When I channel, I’m not consciously thinking about the words I’m writing. It just flows. If I were doing mediumship and not channeling, I would be consciously interpreting the symbolism and words. It would not be flowing automatically without my own thoughts interjected. It would be an active three-way conversation between me, the other side and the client.

Channels can access the highest realms of beings like angels, archangels, spirit guides and ascended masters. General consensus (and I believe) channels are born with their abilities rather than it being a learned ability. I have heard that it is a soul contract thing where your soul already has agreed to act as a channel for the higher realms and to relay that information.

You may be a channeler if you find yourself writing words that aren’t your own during automatic writing sessions. I can “feel” when I connect to that realm and things start flowing. To me, it feels like when an ascending elevator is easing into its next stop. Like an ascension feeling then a shift. You will know it when you feel it the first time. There is no thought process, only words. Like water flowing from a faucet.

Trance Mediums

Trance mediums are what I’d call the Ph.D’s of the psychic world. The most advanced medium. Trance mediums are born trance mediums. The soul and it’s spirit guides decide before it is born whether or not trance mediumship is part of it’s “spiritual toolbox”. All trance mediums are channelers, mediums and psychics. Not all channelers are trance mediums. My soul contract requires me to be a trance medium this lifetime because I am to pass along information to a specific group of lightworkers that work closely with the angelic realms for planetary ascension. I prefer channeling over trance mediumship and you will see why.

If channelers are the equivalent of passengers riding in the auto-driving Uber car, trance mediums ARE the car. Trance mediums allow their consciousness (ethereal presence/soul) to LEAVE their body so that another ethereal being can use their body (drive their car) to speak through them. This is achieved through an elevated  state of consciousness. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

One way is to leave your body completely and be unaware of what is taking place while you’re somewhere else. I can not begin to tell you how extremely important it is to be DISTINCTLY intentional about the entity you chose to trance channel. ONLY deal with the highest entities – angels, ascended masters, spirit guides. You do not want to just lay out an open invitation. ALWAYS involve your spiritual army in this process. Not following these precautions is how spirit possession occurs. If you allow a lower level entity to take over your body, it may not leave! This is why I prefer channeling to trance mediumship – I have a problem handing over the keys to my Maserati LOL This is why you need a sitter.

You will always have a “sitter” with you to record what’s been said or what’s happened (because you will not be consciously aware). The sitter will also make sure you return to your body in a timely manner. Time is irrelevant in the spirit world. If you’re out vacationing while another entity is in your body, you will have no concept of how much time has passed. The sitter keeps track of time in the physical realm and will “wake” you up after a pre-determined specified amount of time.

The second method of trance mediumship is a hybrid. This is what I do. I do NOT leave my body. I “blend” my energy with three specific ascended masters which I have built relationships with. These are the ONLY beings I do trance work with. I can tell exactly who I am working with because of the way their individual energy feels and we have a secret sign we use that no other entity knows. If I don’t get that sign, then I know this is an imposter. If the energy doesn’t feel the same, I know it’s an imposter. Again, be intentional about who you are willing to work with.

During trance mediumship, mediums may demonstrate voice characteristics of the one being channeled, such as accent and cultural dialects. Sometimes it is the medium’s own voice. Either way, the words are definitely not their own. The physical mannerisms of the medium may change as well, including facial features and hand  gestures. It takes an enormous amount of energy for an entity to move a physical body’s hands, arms etc. It takes less energy to produce sound using the voice box, lips and facial muscles.

The only way to know if you are a trance medium is to ask a medium or to accidentally get “jumped”. Getting “jumped” is when a spirit jumps in your body and starts talking through you – with or without your permission. A friend’s daughter had this happen to her. “Angie” had no idea she was a trance medium. One day, she is at a friends house and the friend’s dead boyfriend takes over Angie’s body! She was aware of the words being spoken but she did not give this guy permission to use her body. Angie didn’t even KNOW she had the ability! Needless to say, she wanted to know immediately how to never allow that to happen again.

Regardless of whether you are a medium, a channel or a trance medium, you have to meditate regularly and get proficient at reaching that higher state of consciousness. You also have to “build your power”. No mediumship occurs without power.  Power can not be built without meditation. None of this should be done without proper spiritual protections in place. In the near future, I will write a guide on how to properly protect yourself and build your power. Until then, I hope this article has shed some light on the differences between psychics, mediums and trance mediums. I do offer a mentorship programs for those wanting to develop or strengthen their abilities. Contact me for details.