Celestial Shaman Intensive


MAY 3-5 2019

Sweethome Retreat Center

Chapmansboro, TN

  This workshop offers three days of intensive training to help you confidently step into your role as a celestial shaman. The classes are held in a natural setting and in the chapel at Sweethome Retreat Center, located about half-way between Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee. Get to know other practitioners who are assisting humanity in the ascension process. Our interactive approach allows you to ask questions and share your experiences as you receive teaching in a classroom setting that includes ceremony, drumming, and dancing. Activate your shamanic gifts and personal light codes with co-facilitators Yvonne Perry and Amy Carroll. A certification of celestial shaman training will be given to those who complete the 3-day workshop. About the Facilitators Amy Carroll Celestial ShamanAmy Carroll is a spirit channeler, Reiki Master Teacher and a full mesa-carrying shamanic practitioner. In 2018, Spirit began telling her how to adapt Incan Shamanism so that it would appeal to the modern generation. They told her to call it “Celestial Shamanism” and to write a book educating the next generation of shamans. Amy has a Bachelors in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is currently working on her Masters with the intention of completing the full Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences. Amy  mentored with Ahni Atkins, who is a shamanic practitioner and amazing medium with extensive training at Lily Dale and the venerable Arthur Findlay Institute. Amy’s contribution to the Celestial Shaman Workshop will include teaching on these topics:
  • Energy Hygiene– Not Taking on Other People’s Bad Juju
  • Protection
  • How to Connect to and Listen to Spirit
  • How to Set “Triggers” to Get to Theta State Quickly and Train Your Mind to Connect
  • Discernment to Make Sure Who You Are Connecting with IS from Only the Highest Realms and That All That Comes Through Is True and Clear
  • How to Connect with your Higher Version of Soul and Your Celestial Team/Guides
About Yvonne Perry A starseed walk-in and shamanic practitioner of galactic light codes, Yvonne Perry accesses the wise guidance of advanced celestial beings of light to help people integrate multidimensional soul aspects and shift into their most loving selves. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology Yvonne understands the “homecoming” or ascension process of the soul. She offers light language activations, galactic transmissions, and coaching for walk-ins, empaths, and those seeking to merge the higher self with the body and personality. Yvonne is the author of  Light Language Emerging ~ Activating Ascension Codes & Integrating Body, Soul, & SpiritWalk-ins Among Us ~Open Your Personal Portal  to Cosmic Awareness;Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You; and Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. Yvonne will teach “The Role of a Cosmic Shaman.” Topics in her sessions may include the following:
  • Anchoring & Activating Light Codes
  • Clearing Entities, Crossing Souls Over, & Resetting Divine Matrix Codes
  • Empowerment & Authenticity
  • How Feelings & Empathic Gifts are Used for Guidance
  • How to Maintain Your Vibration and Access Higher Fields/Bandwidths of Consciousness
  • Mastering Your Personal Matrix
  • Paradigm Shifting of Collective Consciousness
  • Re-scripting Akashic Records
  • Shamanic Drumming & Light Language Activation
  • Soul Retrieval & Aspect Integration
Sweethome Retreat CenterOur goal at SweetHome is to provide a unique spiritual experience of friendship, family, and fun. Enjoy a walk through the woods, connect with nature, enjoy the gardens, meditate in the chapel, share meals, and chat with other participants. Our community-living environment offers family-type lodging in shared spaces (two guests per room/queen bed). Linens, shower/bath and basic toiletries are included. The retreat price of $777 includes overnight accommodations and vegetarian meals for Friday lunch through Sunday lunch. Take advantage of a $100 discount by paying in full (in one transaction) when you register before April 1, 2019