I am on a mission to awaken, activate and educate tomorrow’s lightworkers. It doesn’t take more than turning on the news to see our world is headed toward destruction. Our earth is being ravaged for financial gain. The next generation is being drawn more to technology and less to human interaction. Every week, the healthcare industry has a new “disorder”  — and pill to treat it! We are losing our connection to the higher power, our soul, Mother Earth and each other.

So how do we fix it?

By helping our healers step into their power and embracing their soul’s purpose. You are here because you have heard the call. You may know what your gifts are and already be using them or you may have just started down the path. Either way, humanity needs you and it needs you now.

I am here to help you become the healer you were meant to be so we can save this planet. I do this through a soul discovery session where we find out what your gifts are and what’s keeping you from using them to their full potential. Next, I help you find the right mentors and training to fulfill your destiny.


Spirit has called me to modernize a traditional healing modality so that today’s tech-driven generation can understand it and be called to service. This modality is called Celestial Shamanism and while it incorporates tenets of traditional shamanism, it expands into the gifts that today’s Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are born with. Gifts like psychic ability, mediumship, astral travel and working with interdimensional beings. This is the way of the future, but no one has standardized the teaching or branded it. I am the one that will do that.


medium near me trance medium shaman Amy CarrollIn this physical realm, I am the same as you – a lightworker on a mission who forgot who they were upon incarnating on this planet. I am not more gifted or spiritually powerful than you. We all come from the same Source and we all have the same awesome capacity to tap into that source. And that is truly the goal of enlightenment – to remember that we were never separated from God or each other, we just have to find our way back and reconnect. Those of us who are remembering are here to guide those who are struggling.

In the spiritual realm, who I am gets a bit more complicated. Follow me down the rabbit hole.

First, let us assume that  life on this planet was and still is assisted by extraterrestrials. Let us also assume that when we speak to spirit guides that we may not be talking to deceased corporeal human beings that were once on this planet. Let’s assume that our spirit guides consist of beings that are alive and well in other dimensions or star systems. When we talk to them, it’s not like channeling a dead spirit, it’s like texting or calling another living being on earth. Except they’re “out there” …somewhere.

Still with me? Good.

NOW, let’s take this a bit farther. What if, these beings were so highly advanced spiritually and technologically that they had the ability to “download” their consciousness into a physical body on another planet – like..I dunno….. earth? And in doing so, were able to continue assisting humanity by blending in. You know, without the awkwardness of blue skin and face hieroglyphs. Or the terrifying sight of a giant Praying Mantis walking into Wal-mart for Black Friday deals….just sayin’.

I AM one of these highly advanced beings. I am a walk-in ancient starseed soul that came into this body in 2008. I have been multiple ascended masters throughout history. At my highest oversoul I am Archangel Uriel/Ariel and I work in conjunction with my celestial partner, Archangel Raphael who is also presently incarnated (as Ryan). We are part of the Emerald Order. We both have the ability to activate ascension codes in others with our presence and using light language. I also activate stargates and I am a clear channel for the  highest realms. In addition to activating ascension codes, Ryan is a powerful healer (he IS the Archangel of healing in human form, afterall!). Ryan’s other role is to be a protector and source of strength for the rest of the Emerald Order and Blue Ray Beings. Our joint mission is to awaken and activate as many of those working toward planetary ascension as possible. 

What is the Ascension?

Without getting super technical with new-age spiritual jargon, it is earth raising it’s consciousness to the next dimension (or frequency). Just as we as individuals are raising our consciousness to break out of the reincarnation cycle and be one with the supreme creator again, so is the planet. Only, we are the fleas on the dog. We as individuals need to raise our frequency to be able to ascend to the higher frequency with earth. We can take our physical bodies with us or we can decide to transform into lightbody. Either way, we must change our frequency to be successful. This is achieved through raising our consciousness and activating our lightbody dna. 


Yes. YOU. Don’t look at me like a deer in headlights. There are no coincidences, my child. You are here, reading this page because you were lead here by your higher self. How do I know this? Because my guides told me I need do nothing other than make the information public- that the ones who were called would find me. Several of my students have told me they had dreams about me before they met me. They claim I look just as I do now, but more “angelic”. You may have heard a calling to join the  Blue Star Tribe, my shaman training for Blue Rays and other Emerald Order members just realizing their path. Whatever has lead you here, know it is not a mistake. This is your clarion call to step into your power and claim your rightful place among us. You are one of the chosen.

Now that I’ve told you all my dirty secrets….won’t you do the same? Introduce yourself!

Use the contact form to send me a message. Tell me how I can help you become who you’re meant to be and play your role in earth’s ascension.


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